Categorizing Adobe Stock Images

If you are considering using stock photos for your business for the first time after learning about Adobe Stock, click here for review, you are not alone.  The widespread use of its creative and design based applications like Photoshop and Indesign means that Adobe will probably be exposing lots of professionals to stock photos for the first time.  Whether you are discovering stock photography for the first time by browsing Adobe’s Stock images, or just checking out their library as an old stock photo pro, here’s everything you need to know about 10 of the most useful categories in Adobe’s stock imagery library.


An old classic, you can use animal pictures to brighten up your handouts and advertising.  Everyone loves a picture of a happy animal.


When you are trying to convey a tone of professionalism, or depict some of the best parts of your team, turn to the “business” category.


“Food” is an obvious choice for a category, but there is a lot of fun to be had with “drink” portraits and focus shots too!

States of Mind

This category isn’t something you will find everywhere, but the photos here have wide uses.  Browse these offerings for great artistic portraits that convey a lot of emotion.

Hobbies and Leisure

Want pictures of people looking happy that don’t look too corny or forced?  Look here, for vibrant and life filled imagery.


For a lot of businesses, there is a lot of value in images of people building and doing things.  Turn to this section for “jobs” related photos that fall outside of the office setting of the Business section.


Stunning scenery that makes for great backgrounds and banner photos fill up this category with some great offerings.


Another category with a lot of great portraits of people that don’t look to forced or overdone, this section is great for advertisers.

Culture and Religion

In addition to some beautiful artistic imagery, this is the place to look for holiday decor shots and other cultural milestones.

Social Issues

A great collection for bloggers, this category has a lot of imagery based around current events and what's trending in the news.

And that’s just the start!  Those are ten of our favorite categories, but there are a couple dozen more.  While it can feel overwhelming at first, keep browsing the images offered through Adobe Stock, and the categories will start making sense and feeling more intuitive.